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ALEX PENK: Beware of the Blob

This piece first appeared at The Common Room

What do Climate Karanga, Podiatry NZ, and the Free Store Wellington have in common? Probably not much, except that they’re all committed to co-governance.

They’re among dozens of NGOs who signed an open letter urging the government to carry on and implement the UN Declaration of Indigenous Rights. The media picked this up and amplified it, echoing their concern that this work might be paused.

This represents the arrival of the Blob—a gelatinous agglomeration of elite opinion that suffocates and skews public debate.

The Blob takes its name from a 1958 sci-fi movie about a flesh-eating, amoeba-like alien that descends on a small town and absorbs everything in its path. In the UK, “the Blob” refers to the mutual embrace of civil servants, quangos, NGOs, and vested interests. In the US, “the Blob” means a foreign policy elite that advocates for intervening in other countries’ affairs. In both cases, the Blob pushes a very particular view of the world, one that’s often against public opinion and even contrary to political leaders.

The open letter looks distinctly Blobby—NGOs, unions, academics, supportive media reporting, all lined up in favour of a highly controversial position.

But what’s wrong with the Blob? Isn’t this just a group of public-spirited citizens and community-minded organisations sharing their sincere views on a matter of public importance? Isn’t this just Democratic Deliberation and therefore a Good Thing? No. No, it isn’t.

The Blob isn’t democratic and it isn’t deliberative. It creates a false consensus that sucks the oxygen out of different opinions, overpowering them by making it look as though everyone important agrees.

Look at the way RNZ reported uncritically on the open letter. They told us that “More than 60 organisations” have signed it. Actually, it’s 53, plus 10 individuals, but what’s a few organisations between friends?

RNZ also told us that “major organisations” like the Mental Health Foundation signed the letter. But they don’t explain why the Foundation has any expertise in co-governance or the UN Declaration, and they don’t include any contrary viewpoints.

The Blob also skews the debate: here and in the UK, the Blob is biased to the left. Can you imagine 50+ NGOs signing a right-leaning position on co-governance, or the media repeating this uncritically?

Some members of the Blob are also “sock puppets”. This is a term for organisations that receive government funding and then turn around and lobby the government, like the Citizens Advice Bureau, also named by RNZ as a “major” signatory to the open letter.

There’s another problem. The Blob isn’t representative. No-one selected these people to take a public position on co-governance, but they have cultural power beyond their numbers, influence without accountability.

This wouldn’t be such a problem if the groups who signed the open letter were experts on the subject. Let me give you an example. There was another open letter recently, this one against some of the Three Waters legislation, signed by a much smaller group who were all constitutional law experts. They know what they’re talking about, so there’s a good reason to listen to them.

But the open letter on co-governance is signed by organisations like Podiatry NZ who, surprise surprise, are expert in podiatry, Barbarian Productions, a Wellington theatre company, and the NZ Society of Authors, which represents writers and promotes literary culture, Free Store Wellington, which distributes retail food waste, and Climate Karanga, which is focused on climate education in Marlborough.

None of these organisations look like experts on co-governance. They’re just a random group with some reckons, and there’s no reason the rest of us should listen to them.

It’s tempting to treat this as a bit of a joke, but this is how we end up with an elite view that’s disconnected from the majority of us.

To be clear, these NGOs are fully entitled to have a view and to tell us what they think. And one organisation or a handful of them can’t stifle or skew debate. The problem with the Blob is the way it multiplies and echoes these opinions. That’s how important institutions and debates get captured by ideology and groupthink.

So what should we do?

First, we should see the Blob for what it is, and we shouldn’t pay too much attention to what it has to say.

Second, we should diversify the Blob, and this is much harder. This means doing the long, slow work of bringing a range of views into society and giving them all a fair hearing.

In fact, this means de-Blobbing the Blob. After all, a diverse Blob isn’t really a Blob any more.

If we can do this, we can stop the Blob devouring our public square and restore debate to what it should be—not the one-sided, overbearing imposition of a false consensus, but a genuine conversation among equals.

I’m Alex Penk, Independent Researcher and Writer, for The Common Room.

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May 29, 2023

Here we go again.

"The transport agency is consulting on its Tohu Huarahi Māori Bilingual Traffic Signs programme that would replace old destination signs, public and active transport signs, walking and cycling signs, general advisory and warning signs, plus motorway and expressway signs with bilingual versions."

Money being wasted on unnecessary and unneeded dual language signs.

Tourists don't understand maori . 98% of New Zealander's don't understand maori.

There will be problems as there are so many maori words that are almost identical and have entirely different meanings. Furthermore, when you are driving, you want to see simple concise signage, as there is a very short window of time to read and comprehend the sign's meaning.

Missing the content may…


This is the same as the black lives matter bullshit in the states, or the tranny bud light screw up. Millions of dollars were given to the BLM course by large corporations, hoping that their business's would not be targeted, it did not work, many of these big business's are closing down their stores because of the rampant crime, involving who else, yes black people, I see the BLM are now filing for bankruptcy, the head scumbags have been ripping it off, so much for brother love. I have no time for these co-bro whuckwits, they can easily destroy a country, and not be accountable.


The open letter acknowledges a backlash to progress in honouring Te Tiriti o Waitangi and cited that many of us for the first time celebrated Matariki. A simple action we can all take as part of the de-Blobbing the Blob is to work and not participate, on the upcoming Matariki public holiday . It won’t impact on most readers here who are past retirement age, so campaigning against the public holiday is a good option.

Replying to

Matariki , rarely ever mentioned in my 50 year relationship with many Māori. Taken out of the historical cupboard, dusted off . Then ramme4d down our collective throats . The questionnaire " What does Matariki mean to you ?" My response -------

Indoctrination, social engineering, propaganda , pretence and a total waste of tax payer's funds.


Do we have any indigenous NZedders? I try not to emit hate speech but facts and reason. There is reasonable evidence that Maori were not the first to step on NZ. If they do qualify which of the 7 tribes was first? They are not one nation and they came from all over the Pacific. If they encountered each other elsewhere they would have been eaten as foreigners. Many will not know of the invasions and battles of the Pacific .Tonga invaded Samoa 200+ years ago and Fiji paddled and joined in. The leading Mata'afa title in Samoa honours that. The present holder is PM in Samoa.

Tribal societies do not function as do Kiwi Pakeha. Allegiance is to the…

GandR Faulkner
GandR Faulkner
May 29, 2023
Replying to

The only objection I have to your post is the use of the term pakeha It is a derogatory

term originally applied to european settlers and objected to by many

We are a multicultural society not a pakeha society and should have equality of citizenship as such. Division is the road to conflict and ruin


BLOB equals Bloody Loonies Obfuscating Bullshit.

Al Bourne
Al Bourne
May 28, 2023
Replying to

Yes from 35.000 feet

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