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ANANISH CHAUDHURI: Labour stuffed up. That’s why they lost. Deal with it.

With power about to change hands, I see more and more commentary about how this election was somehow unfair. There was Rob Campbell, Chancellor of AUT pontificating in the Herald that this election was “bought”. Then more recently David Williams of Newsroom weighed in about the influence of the Tax Payers’ Union and its anonymous donors. The list is long. I find it bizarre that people who continually denigrate Donald Trump for his false claim about the stolen election (and Trump is lying, even he knows it and three of his lawyers have admitted this in pleading guilty in Georgia) are perfectly happy to claim that the election was stolen when their side loses.

I doubt that if somehow Labour managed to pull off a victory, the likes of Campbell or Williams would have written a lengthy exegesis of how that victory was brought about by the support of the Council of Trade Unions (did all their members sign off on the attack ad against Chris Luxon?) as well as a compliant NZ media purchased via the Public Interest Journalism Fund and various other handout designed to advance Labour’s narrative.

Face it, Labour did not lose this election because some rich folks gave money to National/ACT.

Labour lost because the average punter on the street was sick and tired of the incompetence, the lies, the hypocrisy and the incessant identity politics. They lost because our Police are perfectly happy to beat up on protesters in Wellington but are unable to protect a women’s right activist in the middle of Albert Park or store owners being ramraided over and over. Labour lost because we shut our own citizens out of the country and let small businesses go to ruin in the guise of saving lives. And then they blamed those businesses for not being resilient enough.

Labour lost because they engineered a transfer of wealth from the blue-collar to the white collar, from the young to the elderly and from mom-and-pop grocery stores to the big supermarket chains.

Labour lost because most of our lockdowns had little to do with health but everything to do with a naked exercise of power. We wanted our citizens fearing for their lives and to continue to venerate Jacinda Ardern as our saviour.

I used to be a Labour sympathizer and helped with Helen Clark’s campaign in 2008. I thought that Jacinda Ardern was a breath of fresh air before I realized that she was nothing other than a covert narcissist masquerading as an altruist. (And yes, Gen Z, I did just quote from Taylor Swift’s Anti-hero.)

Ardern is a vacuous politician who has little understanding of history and civics and is blissfully unaware of the damage that she has caused to New Zealand’s economy, democratic institutions, civil liberties and sense of social cohesion.

And while not everyone had the same grievance, it was clear to everyone through every day lived experience that something has gone seriously wrong with our country. People figured out that the current Labour Party consisted mostly of grifters who were never in it for the people but only for themselves.

I don’t know whether National/ACT will do better but sometimes the unknown devil is preferable because we know for a fact that the current ones are really devilish; hopefully the unknown ones will be a little less so.

Ananish Chaudhuri, PhD.

Professor of Experimental Economics | University of Auckland

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01 de dez. de 2023

I missed this brilliant analysis. Thank you again for your totally accurate summary of political events......


They lost it too because of pushing for Maori: Co-Governance and Separatism; commissioning He Puapua - the blueprint for the takeover. of New Zealand by 2030, not to mention all the financial perks accorded to Maori; for allowing, if not actively promoting, the 'Maorization' wherever possible in our Society:: in government and in institutions of New Zealand!


Woke Educationist seemed unaware Labour blotted their copybook in 2023

In casual conversation, I said to a young mum I’d never vote for Labour again because of their hidden agendas in 1984 (neoliberalism) and 2017 (favouring wealthy tribal elites).

Regarding the new incoming government, I said I thought NZ First would be a useful check on their more radical coalition partners.

She said she would never vote for ACT, National or NZ First. She worked in education.

She said what ACT and National intend in education particularly sent shivers up her spine.

ACT education policy

National education policy

What is there to be frightened about?

“We have nothing to fear except fear itself”. Those words - and the…


Paul Johansen
Paul Johansen
03 de nov. de 2023

We aren't anything like there yet folks! I certainly hope that Luxon and co have what it takes to carry the load and sort out the diabolical mess left behind by the deserving losers! At least we can rejoice that they are gone at last and we have some hope of a much better future! Now we all need to up the productivity please.


02 de nov. de 2023

as michael cullen said to the (then) national opposition after the election defeat:

"we won; you lost. eat that."

how much "comfort food" will be served at the next labour caucus meeting? 😂

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