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Cartoon of the Day

Garrick Tremain's website

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Proverbial 'Smiling Assassin'.


This would make a great T-shirt, funny yet tragically true.


We must destroy before we build the ideal world, the problem been people also must be destroyed, I don't think to many of the Red queens believes will want to be squashed like rotten tomatoes to make way for her world order.


The wrecking ball. -to be fair it looks with the distorted features and the distorted brain she has copped a couple in the mush in her day.


So much damage has been done to New Zealanders in the past 5 years. Just remember who made it happen. Winston Peters.

Al Bourne
Al Bourne
Oct 17, 2022
Replying to

I wouldn't trust peters as far as I could kick him uphill into a headwind standing on one leg while standing on ice

Mind you I accept twistinda did thoroughly put it across him just like he put it

across us

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