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Cartoon of the Day

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The English translation is: "don't try to kid me that you mum's a respected Auckland judge. If she were, this would never have got to court.

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KFC cops. KFC courts. KFC prime minister.

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Al Bourne
Al Bourne
22 sept 2021

Obviously twotter57 you didn't bother to read my apology for my error and I did point out that my initial comment was re the statement on the AM program the same day that they had not been charged. It wasn't until the 6pm news that I became aware that the couple had been charged which prompted my apology

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Contestando a

Small potatoes, no worries.

sorry for not paying more attention.

I honestly didn't se it.

Nay bother man.

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If this helps..

What I will say, is that if you/people take the democratic opportunity you/we currently still have! Do not be afraid to sit down, think about what you want to say, And write to Ministers or the Crown.

At the end of the day, They are suppose to be the tail of the dog, You have this ight/power, to voice/write, your concerns to issues that effect your/our lives, communities, Laws, and our FREEDOM.

Chrs Terry.

From: Police <> Sent: Monday, 20 September 2021 8:45 pm To: <> Cc: Police <> Subject: RE: Please show me/NZ, some leadership.

Kia ora On behalf of the Minister of Police, Hon Poto Williams I acknowledge your email of 15 September 2021 concerning a police…

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how about following up all these questions?

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