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Cartoon of the Day

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I thought this very interesting.

My opinion!

I can not recall another time where a politicians spouse has felt the need to comment in such a way with public comment.

What it tells me! Is that Jacinda is not capable of making a leadership decision on her own.

That the Labour leadership is devoid of any practicality, or understanding of human systems.

Jacinda with an apparent personal need of decision by committee, and a personality in need of being surrounded by "nice people". steering her!

Facts are.

Jacinda and her "Team" have had all the time in the world to be ahead of the C19 game.

The vaccine roll out could have been Alot earlier.

We have gone from…

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I wish the NZ Herald would publish some of these. Some hope!?

Gefällt mir

Faith Saffioti
Faith Saffioti
26. Sept. 2021

Love it

Gefällt mir

Tremain is spot on again....classic 'rob Peter to pay Paul' so beloved of the Left

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Can't tell if that's a bust of Karl Marx or Roger Douglas on Stalinda's desk.

Gefällt mir
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