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Cartoon of the Day

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Slippery eels by the cattle trough.


Serious Bite

I believe most people understand economics better than Covid science. Right now Covid science is yelling at us like a lie, where as our social science (economics) is whispering to us because we all know what’s in our pockets when rising prices (inflation) are emptying them for us without a similar pay rise. This phenomenon is known as stagflation.

There is something underlying the Covid science that does not ring true with economics and our daily lives. Right now there is no discernible relationship between vaccines, cases and deaths. In fact the trend line suggests a marginally positive association such that countries with higher percentage of population fully vaccinated have higher Covid-19 cases and deaths per one million…

Replying to

They rob our souls , they rob our wallets, they rob our rights and freedoms , but worst of all they have robbed us of our free thoughts and how to make a decision by ones self.


Love Tremain's cartoon lampooning these two disgusting individuals. One who personifies grim a reaper while the other looks like a worn out drag queen.

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