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CITIZEN SCIENCE: Decline and Fall

Posie Parker’s recent visit to New Zealand revealed the tiny shiny tip of an iceberg, a shift that has been weirdly invisible due to one of the main tenets of the trans faith – No Debate.

As any public servant knows, it is impossible for a government or lobby group to be as seamlessly coordinated as would be needed to pull off the almost complete infection of our public institutions, and an unknown quantity of the public, with trans ideology. There are conspiracy theories on both sides because that’s what happens when you suppress evidence and debate. But gender identity has been so successful because it is a powerfully held belief, not a network, and its most devoted followers are families who have got on the trans train.

Parents will do anything for their children including tipping the scales without compunction wherever an opportunity arises. This particular group of parents are so open-minded that their brains have fallen out and they are hellbent on reshaping our society to create a better place for their children, because that’s what parents do. They are everywhere. Unfortunately the rest of us have to circle the drain with them thanks to the centrifugal force of their faith, and their often unscrupulous willingness to use their influence in the cause of trans wherever they can.

When a member of our priestly caste of psychologists first tells a parent that – yays! – you have a trans child, they point you to the advice of InsideOut, which reads like a soothing evangelical tract. The author of their helpful resource Stormclouds and Rainbows, Julia de Bres, told Stuff last year in its uncritical cut-and-paste story:

“ …parents are led by a child’s needs and seek to foster their individuality. Every transgender child’s journey is different, and parents soon learn the best person to show them the way is standing right beside them. As [one] parent says: ‘I’m totally OK with not understanding everything. I don’t need to understand my son’s transness, I just need to trust my child and support him.’”

This is an invitation to parents to turn off their critical thinking and not bother with pesky old due diligence when it comes to something as momentously bizarre as a teenage sex change. The resource positions children as wise guides, old souls who know the way, and above all it positions the exploration of the Self as a holy pilgrimage. These hormone raddled teens are the experts in their own lived experience, and lived experience trumps all other sources of knowledge here at the dark ending of Western civilization, when the Enlightenment is silly oppressive old hat. It's enough to make you feel positively apocalyptic.

Many parents just throw in the towel and say okay, sometimes because they are out of their depth or coerced, but some become true believers. They are proud to surrender and once again this needs to be emphasised – they are everywhere.

The day before Parker’s event was overwhelmed by the blue-haired zombie horde, Newsroom Pro editor Jonathan Milne publicly declared a conflict of interest on gender identity in the form of “a family member very close to me” in an article that questioned Parker’s right to enter the country. Trans is shaping up to be an election issue, however comically Chris Hipkins may try to avoid it, and Milne is the editor of one of our most influential political news sources. He should be recused from editorial or commissioning decisions on this subject and they should be given to someone who does not have skin in the game. This should be happening across all our media, we rely on them to hold our government to account. In recent years we have seen experimental medical treatments offered to children and adolescents, relationships and sexuality guidelines brought into our schools that claim sex is not binary, and men like Kate Weatherly winning races, prizes and sports advancement at the expense of biological women without a peep of questioning from the media (and yes the women did complain, and no they were not listened to).

Lurking beneath New Zealanders’ famously laid-back tolerance is a contempt for people who make bad choices – why not leave these wackos to it? Not my problem - but the iceberg has hoved into view. We all drown together when we allow the followers of this new religion to not only ruin children’s lives, but to undermine our shared reality. It isn’t groovy and brave to believe in 72 different genders, it is untethered from reality. Gender identity ideology is dismantling Reason itself. We need to stop tiptoeing around people who claim exclusive rights to knowledge and opinions through their lived experience, stop “being kind”. They should not be in the driver’s seat going anywhere. Due diligence, objective reasoning, objective truth – these are not fads to be discarded when the fashion moves on, they are the treasures of the Enlightenment and the basis of our greatest achievements, the inheritance of all of us no matter where we come from or how we identify. And honour, simple decency, honest compassion are the values we should show our children, not soothing lies and immersive fantasies. We are not supposed to follow them, we are supposed to guide them. But how can we do that if we don’t even know what men and women are anymore? Our children are lost in a hall of mirrors and they will hate us for it.

Citizen Science is a pseudonym

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15 апр. 2023 г.

The rational part of a boys brain isn't fully developed up to the age of 25 or so. Adult and teens brains work differently. Ask any Physician. Our kids are being brain washed at schools, their peers and most of all the Media. Leave our Kids alone. Let our kids get a good grasp on life before they change into something that they could regret.


My personal view of this direction that parents are following , IS , that they too are on P . They must be ! OR their parents were deaf and dumb ! Responsibility and discipline are missing amongst our children WHO can we blame ? Only one : the parents . Cant blame any politician as they have no idea what makes the world tick , never mind teenagers !


Check out the latest trans porn, and that is a guide to where our society is heading, child porn will be the next big push, the western world as we know it is crumbling around our feet.


12 апр. 2023 г.

It would seem that there are people who accuse God of not knowing what He is doing. There will be a great sort out on judgement day which will come to all of us after death. "It is appointed unto man once to die but after this the judgement." Heb. 9 v 27.

Peter Lewis


Steve Hall
Steve Hall
11 апр. 2023 г.

“Never underestimate the difficulty of changing false beliefs by facts”

Henry Rosovsky

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