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Comments suspended

We posted the following message on Sept 3:

Bassett, Brash and Hide publishes all comments automatically. This allows immediacy for those who want to engage. But comments will be removed if they include abusive language, vulgarity, ongoing irrelevance to post topic and/or repetition. BB&H does not exist to provide a platform for commentor's own agendas. There are plenty of free website options out there for readers to start their own.

If a few cannot follow these 'guidelines' then either the commentor gets blocked or a policy of moderation has to be adopted. This may result in many hours delay before comments appear. That would be undesirable, and in most cases, unneccessary.

Over to you.

Unfortunately the problems persist. While the possibility of 'moderation' is explored the commenting function will be disabled.

Thank you and apologies to those who tried to make the automatic publication policy work.

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