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DR BARNETT BOND: Letter to the University of Otago

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NZ 'universities; have clever tricks that enable their bloated administrative management to claim they are 'world leading'. The numbers of international staff (not necessarily living in NZ, but paid to 'lecture' online); the ratio of students:staff (easily manipulated) and assessments that lack grading criteria or audit so that pass rates are exaggerated. These institutions can propagandise all they like. In the end, they fool no-one but the Chinese students' parents they exploit.


Duh I meant Barnett. I'm not university material, clearly!!


Well said Trevor. I gave 10 years of my life to serving the University of Otago. Not only has my subject been discontinued but this is now another university with another name and another set of values, unworthy of your support or mine!


An Aside -

There is a disturbing trend for NZ universities to boast about their quality of higher education.

An example to the contrary -

Robert Macculloch states -

Otago University explicitly claims QS rankings put it in “the top 1% of universities in the world”. They certainly do not. When will Otago withdraw its false advertising claim?”

David Farrar states (Minor editing not affecting content by KM) -

“The top 1% of QS rankings would be in places 1 to 15.

I suspect what Otago is doing is comparing universities that get a QS ranking with all the so-called universities in the world, to back their claim up. But it is misleading at best as they include basically any…


What a disgrace!

Time the government began making funding conditional?

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