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Since PM Hipkins's February announcement that there would be changes to the Government's controversial Three Waters programme, anticipation has grown about the reboot by the Hipkins-led Labour Government. Something clearly is deeply wrong with the programme and the legislation already in place.

Despite the window-dressing announcement last week of how the government will amend aspects of the Three Waters laws it's already passed, the central Three Waters idea which Government has been advancing all along has been staunchly defended by barely being mentioned at all.

Te Mana o Te Wai Statements, as prescribed in legislation at Part 4, Subpart 4 of the Water Services Entities Act (2022), are the very core, the citadel at the heart of the Three Waters programme. Yet there was little mention of Te Mana o Te Wai Statements in last week’s announcement. The emphasis here is on the word "statements"; this concept is a slippery hook from which most politicians have slid when questioned by journalists, which is why most people aren't aware there's something very fishy in the waters here.

Te Mana o Te Wai Statements are in a league of their own within the Three Waters reforms, far removed from the already-controversial co-governance arrangements or entity size and shape which have drawn the heat and the light and where much debate has been, and will continue to be. Te Mana o Te Wai Statements are legislated to cover every square centimetre of all the land, including under every home, road, farm or place of business as well as many kilometres out to sea. They’re not just about broken pipes but something much wider. Simple and powerful, it is already law that whatever these statements contain must be put into effect, no questions asked. The problem is only some parts of society are allowed to write them, though they affect us all. There is no co-governance in the simple truth that it’s only Maori who may write Te Mana o Te Wai Statements. There is nothing "co-" about this, it's a different type of constitutional arrangement from anything we've seen before. It’s racially exclusive.

As a member of the Government's Three Waters Working Group for Representation, Governance and Accountability in 2021-22 I know well what's intended by Te Mana o Te Wai Statements. I’ve been critical of the unacceptable direction of what the Government was going for with this. The ideas behind the TMOTW statements are something quite separate from the co-governance arrangements but still absolutely part of the story here. For more than a year I’ve written on this, been interviewed on this and even presented to the Parliamentary Select Committee for the Water Services Entities Bill, where I was surprised MPs were unaware of or confused about what was proposed for Te Mana o Te Wai statements. Even now, having had a chance to reconsider what they’re doing with all aspects of Three Waters, Government is still following the idea of what iwi leaders call “ending the tyranny of the majority”. It's not about a joined up New Zealand where everyone is leaning in to fix our water challenges, it's simply racially divisive.

That Three Waters has become a hot political mess is no surprise. Wide-spread roadside signs reminding travellers to "Stop Three Waters" are part of the largest sign protest since "Stop The Tour" signs more than forty years ago. The Springbok tour of 1981 nearly brought the country to a form of civil war, and Three Waters issues are no less ominous.

The justification for the Government building a hiding-in-plain-view-race-based policy around water and land use affecting us all has never been explained. Simple questions have been deftly avoided by the current Prime Minister and his predecessor and the former and current Ministers of Local Government. The fact most New Zealanders are not lawfully able to contribute to their local Te Mana o Te Wai Statement sets up the authors of those statements to fail and sets up everyone for civil unrest in the future. The opportunity to correct this has been missed in the most recent ministerial revision. The dark heart of Three Waters remains hidden in plain sight, defended at all costs in last week’s policy rebranding. Beyond the things we already know, there's something sinister in the waters after all.

About the author:

Dr Jason Smith was Mayor of Kaipara District from 2018-22, where he was a vocal critic of the Three Waters policies of the Government.

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“Claire Charters from the Human Rights Commission made the plea while appearing at the United Nations last week”.

Seems Maori Supremacists and their woke supporters infested in parliament and the public service are a tad worried their transfer of power funded by the 83% majority is running out of steam as voters awake to the transfer scam. Professor Charters’ trip to the UN will have cost a pretty penny. Taxpayers being fleeced again.

A further impost on NZ taxpayers would probably be a country visit by a UN Special Rapporteur. The aim of such visits is to obtain first-hand information and examine in detail the role and situation of human rights defenders in the country, to identify the challenges they…

Gefällt mir

Dr Claire Charters (Ngāti Whakaue, Tūwharetoa, Ngāpuhi, and Tainui) was an academic at the University of Auckland and specialised in Indigenous Peoples’ rights. In March 2023, she joined the Human Rights Commission. Previously, she chaired the He Puapua working group. Footnote: [Minister Mahuta is also associated with Tainui].

Ken’s opinion is the majority of voters are paying and have to continue paying for the professor’s vision of a Maori future, with significant progress by 2040.

He Puapua is about self-determination for Māori, not co-governance, says Claire. [Te Mana o Te Wai Statements and edicts will see to that.]

“It’s about Māori control over Māori things which will allow them to live fulfilling lives, without need, and to address their own…

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Al Bourne
Al Bourne
23. Apr. 2023

Its high time Black vengeance was blocked.

Gefällt mir
Aaron Shanahan
Aaron Shanahan
25. Apr. 2023
Antwort an

Let it rattle.

Who really cares?

Sure, their version of opinion rubs us up wrong....but just serves to cement their own self importance and the lack of critical thinking endemic amongst them.

Let the stupid prick spew their hatred. To brain dead and full of self importance to know that its digging its own grave.

Mr black, or ring peice kid.... keep trash talking. I'll happily entertain your twisted and illogical views, because you sharpen your own ♠️ spade.

Keep digging loser.

Don't stop.

Pathetic wanker.

Go for gold.


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5 Waters and Co-Governance Remain by Another Name

“Hipkins and McAnulty can only hope the mainstream media remains largely dozy, lazy and uninformed on the role of Te Mana o te Wai statements until the election. For if the general public fully grasp that Maori will be given extensive — and exclusive — rights to direct how water is managed at a local level, the public mood will change from sour to downright septic. In short order, Hipkins’ hopes of re-election will be sunk by a wave of revulsion at such blatantly undemocratic and divisive race-based policy.”

- Journalist Graham Adams, 7 April 2023

Three Waters has another name, but the anti-democratic ‘co-governance’ provisions firmly remain. These have not changed.…

Gefällt mir

Great to see yet another well informed person pointing to the despicable deceit being masqueraded as somehow a money saving policy to make things water, better.

However Jason, you could have high lighted the most important and worst possible piece of the legislation which will give Maori the right to veto any water usage simply by issuing an edict, which must be adhered to. So for example ... a farmer might want to draw water from a river for his animals to drink ... the legislation states that if the relevant Maori iwi or hapu in the area could issue and edict stating that they did not approve of the application and that would be that. No water for th…

Gefällt mir
21. Apr. 2023
Antwort an

Which ever way things goes politically , "IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN"

Gefällt mir
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