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Have you noticed the ways in which New Zealand’s mainspring seems gradually to be unwinding with Jacinda Ardern’s government? A collection of small things add up to an unfolding collapse of civil society as we have known it. Let’s list some of them in no particular order:

*It’s now very difficult to get a tradesman for small domestic emergencies, and trade-training seems to be at a low ebb. Almost no foreign tradies are making it across the border as back up;

*if you go into a shop you’ll be kept waiting for service, sometimes for quite a long time because the one salesperson is grappling with the phone and a growing line of customers. Meantime there’s a record number of “job seekers” on welfare who aren’t taken into account when we are told that unemployment is at record low levels. The government thinks them unemployable, and they aren’t even put on to unskilled work like fruit picking, meaning that apples fall to the ground and wine-makers have to scrabble to get their grapes picked in time;

*At hospitals around the country, most of which have relied in recent years on hundreds of immigrant nurses and doctors, the remaining staff are being run ragged because the borders are largely closed. People are queued waiting to be triaged, and in one or two high-profile cases, dying as a result;

*Tourism would also benefit from fewer border restrictions, relying as it always has on young back-packers at ski resorts, and even as life-guards at swimming centres.

And then we have the other signs of our fraying body politic:

*On any given day in term time, record numbers of kids, especially those with brown faces, aren’t in class, some of them at ages as low as seven, tagging along with a set of gang recruits, ram-raiding shops and using heavy objects against jewelry stores;

*Steadily declining standards of literacy and numeracy among 15-year-olds. Recent tests showed two-thirds can’t write properly while one-third failed the maths assessment. This is scarcely surprising given that the Minister isn’t concentrating on his major portfolio and tolerates a situation where what used to be compulsory education has, under his watch, become voluntary for too many children;

*Drive-by shootings are at an unparalleled level, and not all of them are caused by Australia’s 501 policy. Auckland’s gun crimes doubled in May this year;

*House prices have reached such a ridiculous level that without recourse to Bank Mum and Dad our young have almost no chance of buying a house;

*Inflation has reached a thirty-year high, eating into everyone’s budgets, with an especially serious effect on low to middle income families;

*Transport costs have rocketed for everyone, especially those living on the more affordable edges of metropolitan areas where a great many young families begin their lives, and half-fares on public transport and small reductions in fuel taxes have taken only some of the load off the cost of getting to and from work.

Try as he does to blame something or someone else (overseas trends, Covid, the war in Ukraine etc) Grant Robertson can’t escape blame for much of our inflation. When Covid came along, he responded positively to nearly every request for government money, thus contributing hugely to the excessive liquidity that went into circulation. Having let the genii out of the bottle, the government then scrambled to try to control the media so that the guilty might escape blame for the inflation ministers had created. The taxpayer-funded Public Interest Journalism Fund, no matter what editorial rooms might claim, has thrown a wet blanket over public debate. Te Tiriti rules public discourse, not the simple three-clause Treaty of Waitangi that was celebrated in 1990, its 150th year, but the bullswool version made up by a few academics, Maori radicals, Labour and the Greens. Those who want to question extraordinary Maori assertions and claims are banned from the pages of the New Zealand Herald. Instead, toadies like Simon Wilson, and cartoonists Emmerson and Body seem to have been instructed by editors to savage opposition figures lest the government be defeated and editorial noses are removed from the PIJF trough.

Much of the unravelling of New Zealand society could still be mended if Jacinda’s government returned the country to an open border once more. But immediately we run up against the weird ideologies that underpin this so-called Labour ministry. Maori have never supported immigration, believing that on any given day a tourist is likely to out-compete an under-educated local when it comes to a job. Since Willie Jackson, Nanaia Mahuta and Kelvin Davis have been allowed to wield extraordinary power in this cabinet, whatever Maori want, or don’t want, goes. Our under-educated Minister of Immigration fancies the notion that closed borders will push up the pay of Kiwis who are in short supply, but he can’t explain what his ruse will do to restrain 7.3% inflation. Indeed, it is already clear that higher wages for those in unskilled jobs are pushing up prices for many basic services. Nothing else damages the interests of core Labour voters as much as that thief better known as inflation.

If only this government understood the extent to which New Zealand has been a part of a globalized world this last forty years and aspects like Health, more than anything else, depend on an open border! If Andrew Little were to spend four or five days in, say, Auckland Public Hospital he would encounter Filipino, Nepalese, Vietnamese, Indian and even Iranian staff who add their skills to the all-too-few Kiwis who are trained at our medical and nursing schools. He might then be able to explain this to his colleagues, or to a few of them if they would listen...maybe?

We are experiencing the worst government of my lifetime, one that has caused more damage and divisiveness in our society, than there has been at any time since the Great Depression.

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It's almost like people still don't realise that all of this is deliberate. Many people still aren't even aware there is an agenda. Along with the failings mentioned in the article above our ability to produce food is being deconstructed in front of our eyes and all we get is articles and plenty of social media outrage. Makes me wish I was in the Netherlands right now because at least they are pushing back physically.


It is correct. We have exactly this being played out in Granity (West Coast South Island) plus the Councils are using Act of God or natural events to facilitate the Government Land Theft. If you (jbess) are lucky to have all your needs met you must be living next to the Beehive or Jacinda.. cause this article is correct !!


Jul 25, 2022

Disturbing to read a litany of complaints against the Adern government supported by sweeping generalisations. I've engaged the services of several tradesmen at my home in the past couple of months - it was not "very difficult". In my shopping forays at local shops and malls I've never encountered "a line of customers". My five school age grandchildren all read and calculate to a high standard. "Higher wages for unskilled jobs are pushing up prices" - which is a negative spin on the government's praiseworthy decision to raise the basic wage level. Yes, Dr Bassett makes some valid points, but as an academic he should know better than to make broad claims unsupported by verifiable analyses.

Aug 13, 2022
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jbess - So as I understand it - you are saying that Dr Bassett is wrong because you have not experienced any (or very few) of the things mentioned. Your school age children may be fine but international data shows us sliding rapidly down the world ratings in education - surely a far more reliable source of data than your highly coloured and more than slightly red views.


You have all missed the point, this is not about Maori, or the poor, or the environment, or any other tangible thing. What we are seeing is a total destruction of the system that we know and have grown up with, along with thousands of New Zealanders of all races dying to protect it in many different conflicts around the world. Most of us writers have seen the video where the Red Queen was addressing the mob at the annual socialist world conference been president as she was, comrades were mentioned 17 times, nothing wrong with that since we are kind of comrades in what we talk about on this site,the word that we all should be concerned about is…

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At the cost to our country, and our way of life, and when I say our I mean all New Zealanders.


Jul 23, 2022

A great summary, thank you...

Is one still considered a conspiracy theorist if we discuss what is actually happening to our beautiful country... This Jacinda government is rolling out the WEF 2030 agenda and NZ is set to be one of the first countries to adopt this agenda.

The term conspiracy theorist is literally gas-lighting anyone who gets too close to the truth!

Why has Jabcinda repeatedly stated... 'The government is your once source of truth'.

She has paid off the media to reaffirm the narrative... we have been coerced and manipulated, dumbed-down (from an educational perspective), made to rely on the government for support, forced to financially struggle via way of inflation and costs, divided by every conceivable way...…

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Yep, your on the money, it’s by design, we need to get out of every single privately owned global organisation. As someone said to me recently, this won’t end until blood is spilt on the streets.

Watch Biden try and disarm the US in preparation for the NWO

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