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“Not enough Maori staff in Pharmac” it’s claimed

There was a very depressing article published by Stuff earlier this week. Under the heading “Pharmac’s lack of Maori staff ‘appalling’, ‘unacceptable on every level’”, the article lamented the fact that only three of Pharmac’s 130 staff identified as Maori last year, “despite the country’s drug-buying agency vowing to prioritise Maori leadership and uphold the Treaty of Waitangi as a way to ensure better health outcomes for Maori”.

It was noted that five of Pharmac’s staff identified as ‘British/Irish’ and another five as Chinese.

This lack of Maori representation, particularly within the senior leadership team of Pharmac, was described as “unacceptable on every level” by Leanne Te Karu, the associate dean (Maori) at the University of Otago School of Pharmacy. She is also the founder of the Maori Pharmacists Association.

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, government agencies were expected to hire staff on the basis of their ability to discharge the duties of the agencies that employed them in the most effective way possible. Discriminating against people on the basis of their ethnicity was frowned on, and employers were certainly not expected to employ people simply because they were of a particular race.

But now we seem to have swallowed the nonsense that only somebody who “identifies as Maori” (even though having ancestors of other ethnicities too of course) can help other New Zealanders who have Maori ancestors.

And pharmacists are not content to be a member of the New Zealand Pharmacists Association, but need to be in a racially defined Maori Pharmacists Association. We see the same absurdity cropping up all over our society, with advocates for separate racially-based organisations claiming that they are doing so because that’s what the Treaty of Waitangi requires.

But of course such advocacy is not only not required by the Treaty, it is in fact the antithesis of the Treaty which, in Article III, made it clear that all New Zealanders would have equal rights.

We are appalled at the extent to which tens of millions of Americans have swallowed President Trump’s lies about the 2020 Presidential election. Too many have not noticed that millions of New Zealanders have swallowed a gross misinterpretation of the Treaty.

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Jan 20, 2021

Good piece. thanks. All part & parcel of the modern mania for 'the Maori view' & the separatism advanced by some in the spotlight, or craving it, & the media pushes this stuff as part of its proclaimed agenda to 'balance the scales'; this notion that the dailies have been historically racist etc. Affirmative action of a grovelling type. Nobody digs deeper, as you say we're meant to just swallow the idea that a race-based hiring policy is a good thing & the usual suspects cynically exploit the climate of fear, that if you call them out you're racist & a ToW denier. Bollocks to that.


Jan 18, 2021

Racial discrimination such as is required to implement equality of racial representation is NZ's new apartheid.


I may misunderstand but I thought NZ was a one nation and every individual can stand for a position on merit, therefore what is driving and why is it being allowed that people of race are given privileged positions, are we not all equal, seems not.

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