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Questions about roadblock safety, openness and accountability

Section 22 of the COVID-19 Public Health Response Amendment Act (No 2) 2021, that became law on November 19, gives the Police Commissioner the power to appoint a Maori warden, a nominated representative of an iwi organisation, a Pasifika warden, or a community patroller to monitor Covid-19 compliance.

Police should publish the selection process used to appoint non-Police personnel to enforce compliance with Covid-19 regulations at roadblocks. The location of all road blockade sites should continue to be published each day along with a full statement of what Police supervision means at such Covid-19 roadblocks including all policy and training manuals for Police and all Police training records.

The public should also be provided with answers to the following questions:

  • Have the Police conducted criminal background checks on non-Police personnel manning the checkpoints?

  • What is Police policy when convicted criminals are to be included in these blockades?

  • Can the Government guarantee that non-Police blockade members are double-vaccinated and have had public health and safety training, including training in the use of Covid-19 protective gear, and in the legally required traffic management skills?

  • What steps can members of the public undertake in self-defence or otherwise when not feeling safe at blockades manned by non-Police personnel?

  • What will the Police do to prevent the exposure of the travelling public to Covid-infected non-Police road blockaders?

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I would like to ask people to go and look up a book called Ordinary Men by Christopher Browing it on all sorts podcast etc have a good listen and read of , and just think what those men did as recruited and Volunteer law enforcement officers , and we now have a government doing exactly the same . We all need to say enough is enough our country is heading somewhere that most kiwis wouldn't like or tolerate so come on New Zealand stand up and just No !!!!


Well the evil one is about to find out that you can only push so far . I won't be stopping for any one now not even the police this government has gone to far I can't go to my local because I am not vaccinated and I am unclean can't go to my bank now . Now I am told that any one standing on the road in a hi vis vest now can stop me and ask me why I am traveling . This is a sad day when the police can make any one a law enforcement officer this is so wrong , we'll we are going to watch New Zealand tear itself apart , things…


The brown boys are in training before the real shit hits the fan, this is not about maoris, this is about giving a select group of people the power to lord it over the rest, the maoris are the chosen ones at a cost to maori people in general, they will bare the brunt when tough times arrive.


This is just another local (ie National) distraction, if more effective than most, from what is really going on, and with far worse consequences than a national one-sided "partnership" (ie self-perpetuating extractive dictatorship).

And THAT is, the active delivering of NZ's and its citizens' sovereignty, along with that of all other "Western nations", by means of gross over-indebtedness and now-inevitable bankruptcy, into the hands of a globalist similarly-controlling "partner" comprising those few dynasties who directly own or otherwise control most of the world's "wealth" (including all international, national and regional banks) and really believe they are best equipped to "manage" the rest. For which they really need to be able to control all assets, leaving nominal but useless ownership i…


08 déc. 2021

I must say, the factual 'reveals' on this and other private Blogs have been interesting for me. Simply because. let's face it, which of the "news" media have we been able to trust to conduct unbiased investigative journalism and expose the unending racism, bullying and deceit of this Government? Recently however it has become a game, and the game has become tiresome. More and more articles that simply rage about the wrongdoings of Jacinderella but offer no solutions at all are just exercises in navel-gazing, and simply add to the frustration among ordinary, right-minded, middle-of-the road folk who just want it all to STOP and go away. For that to happen requires decisive, centrist leadership and a cohesive, consolidated plan t…

En réponse à

Ok, a few of points. We are 1 year into a corrupt government with a "do what the fuck they want" majority.

They have the press in their pocket, politically and financially. Any productive moves against ardern or the numpties will be either stifled or falsely reported to the lazy masses.

On top of that ardern has tapped into moronic fear over covid and so will have the support of enough voters to shout down any constructive actions by anyone other than her. Even St Ash is being ignored when she wants to make her political point and demonstrate to all and sundry that she holds the reins.

Now she may well be a mindless puppet but she has enough…

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