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RODNEY HIDE: My Single Issue this Election (updated)

Updated: Jan 25

I am a single-issue voter. I will vote for anyone or any party promising a full inquiry into the safety of the covid-19 vaccine and the treatment of the vaxxed injured. I don’t care about their other policies.

It’s not much. It’s just one vote. But that's all I have. I want to use it to the best effect.

I have never had a high regard for single-issue voters. I figured they were too fixated and not sufficiently aware of the vast array of policies affecting our lives and our country.

And yet here I am.

My single issue doesn’t appear in the news or political debate. It is not discussed in polite company. I am dismissed as a conspiracy theorist and part of the “River of Filth”.

And yet here I am.

We were promised the vaccine was “safe and effective”. The promise was unequivocal. There were no caveats.

Our government with the full support of the opposition locked us up until 90 percent of us were vaccinated.

The Government with the full support of the opposition divided the nation into two classes: those who were vaccinated and those who were not. The unvaccinated were declared selfish and uncaring and worse.

Jobs were mandated. No jab, no job. Citizens lost their careers and their homes.

The unvaccinated were denied freedom of movement and association. Sports, clubs, pubs, meetings, and travel were denied them.

And now we are here.

The vaccine was not effective. 40,000 cases have been reported a week. The vaccine is not effective against the new variants and may not have been all that effective against the original. We don’t know. It is not to be discussed.

Those in power understandably don’t want to have their assurances questioned. The media without exception were onboard and won’t have their journalism or ethics questioned.

We don’t know how effective the vaccine was. We don’t even know whether it made you less likely or more likely to get sick. Even the rudimentary data that was once publicly available has disappeared. Rudimentary statistics aren’t reported or even gathered. We are left with anecdotes and suspicion fuelled by a great political vacuum that has every appearance of a cover-up.

We told you it was effective. Therefore it was. We don’t need data nor research.

The vaccine was not safe. We know young healthy people died of the vaccine. Some have been officially recognised. Many have not. We are now told no medicine is 100 percent safe and that we had to be told the vaccine was 100 percent safe because otherwise fewer people would have taken the medicine. The “100 percent safe” lie was a Noble Lie. But was it Noble? And just how safe was the vaccine?

There should also be a debate about whether a Noble Lie is ever justified even in the midst of a health crisis.

I don’t know just how safe or effective the vaccine was. The data are not available. But I know it was not 100 percent. And yet for months every leader, expert and talking head promised us it was both. Where are they now? Why the silence?

We need to restore some trust, especially in public health. We need to start with some transparency and accountability.

That for me is the most important thing this election.

I know one young man died from the vaccine. He only took it because of the government mandates. It was the policy that killed him. My vote is for him.


The cheapest and most effective inquiry would be to have the Health Select Committee do its job and to call for Submissions with an Inquiry with wide Terms of Reference.

The Hearings would be Public. The Committee could travel centre to centre if need be.

The MPs could hear from the Health Professionals and experts that have been deplatformed as well as the injured and their families.

The Committee would be supported by the Ministry of Health.

The Committee would prepare a report to Parliament. The submissions would be public.

The best disinfectant is sunlight.

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