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RODNEY HIDE and DON BRASH in conversation

Rodney Hide and Don Brash discussing the topics listed but much more, for instance what they each think about Casey Costello, the longstanding and highly effective spokesperson for Hobson's Pledge, standing for NZ First. You may be surprised.

Listen here

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Rodney is a gifted interviewer. He has the ability to phrase questions that a curious, but less well-informed listener would like to hear answered. In addition, because it's compatible with other activities, or just resting one's eyes, radio suits his relaxed style. Incidentally, the views on Casey Costello's joining NZ First come quite early in the interview - but it's worth listening to the end to catch Rodney's experience of spending an afternoon with the great African American economist, Thomas Sowell.

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@johnph @zekewulfe

I found this one to be very good about Casey Costello and NZF:

And this one about Kirsten Murfitt and NZF:

I found both interviews really good and well worth listening to.

At the risk of stating the obvious, buy yourself a decent set of Blue Tooth headphones with decent range, and listen to selected replays (there are heaps to choose from), while you go about your household chores/walking/cooking breakfast for your beloved/clipping your toenails/watching paint dry/ripping the arms off your favourite Klaus Schwab voodoo doll/whatever lowers your stress levels...


Have a great day.

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04 ago 2023

Surprising ? It was disappointing. More like listening to a candid neighborly conversation one would have over the back fence.

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More like listening to a candid neighborly conversation one would have over the back fence.

If we are to survive tyranny, we need to have more candid and robust neighborly conversations over the back fence.

Unlike the equine proclamation from the Podium of Trooth:

"Don't talk to your 'Neigh' bours."

In the same way that we should be getting children to step away from their social media because it is not real, we should be getting friends and family to step away from the Borg/Cybermen/State TV/State funded media.

If they unplug from normie TV/Radio, after the withdrawal symptoms subside, their ability to think will improve, and they will start reading alternate news and sites.

Just as some children initially go…

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The format is so turgid that I found I lack the time & patience to listen to the whole thing. Which is disappointing, because I wanted to hear their views on Casey C now that she has joined NZ First. Never got to hear that.

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Yes, unplugging from rote learning / indoctrination is a tough process.

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