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RODNEY HIDE in conversation with BOB McCOSKRIE

Rodney Hide and Bob McCoskrie discuss the new 'religion' of secularism, hedonism and narcissism; the Posie Parker protest and the vexed question of 'what is a woman'; the anti-smacking debate (during which Rodney reveals a first-hand insight into John Key's position); the media; what children are being exposed to at school; why Family First was formed, what a family is and the role it plays in society.

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Excellent interview. That the enemy is being revealed and that Christ is to be preferred is itself the work of God. Praise be. Our prayer for you Rodney that you will have further revelations and come to know God more fully.


Seems to me that Identity Politics has divided people into hostile groups who are all competing for more unequal privileges, opportunites, public funds and other advantages. More seriously, identity politics has divided us into 2 societies. THE TAKERS are the noisy political activists who demand more and more government favours in return for their political support and votes. THE GIVERS are the silent majority of responsible, productive workers who are trying to independently provide for themselves and their families. We elect or hire politicians to represent and serve us all and regard us equally when they impose legislation and spend our money. The government has no money. "Government money" is either taken from productive working people by taxes, fees, levies and fines or borrowed for…


Andy Espersen writes :

A fascinating conversation between Bob McCoskrie, a committed Christian and Rodney Hide, who is now attracted to Christianity. It will take you 1 hour 20 minutes - and I suggest you just concentrate to listen.

It seems clear to me that the solution to all the social and political upheavals this abominable government has forced on us over these last 6 years (in fact all political actions and decisions) lies in consciously reverting to the Christian principles, to a Christian yardstick, which of course was New Zealand's founding philosophy - as a proud harbinger of European Enlightenment. Remember, it is only 6 years since Parliament stopped the habit of opening each session with a Christian prayer.


I am proudly Conservative and happy to listen to Rodney and Bob. The Conservatives have capitulated on all levels. If you don't push back things just go from bad to worse. This does not mean you need to be offensive or rude, just be prepared to be courageous and speak up on things you believe in. It gives others, who hold similar views, hope.

It does not mean that you don't respect others who have different views as long as they go quietly about their business and allow you to live by your own values.

We are in an era where those that don't hold Conservative views want to shut us down. Amazingly, we have very few politicians who hold…

Replying to

Rubbish. We obviously took different meanings from their conversation.

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