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PROF PAUL MOON: Historian and Author: On His Review of The Human Rights Commission's ‘Maranga Mai' Report on ‘The Doctrine of Discovery'

Paul Moon joins Rodney to discuss his review of the Human Rights Commission’s ‘Maranga Mai’ report on ‘The Doctrine of Discovery’.

Listen here

You can read Paul's review on ‘The Doctrine of Discovery' here:

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Why hasn't Hunt resigned yet?

National - pull finger and force him out.

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Hunt has been axed! :-)


How have we come to this,what has happened to us when we resort to semantics and he said she said shit written on a peice of paper overrides the nation as the one all be all document we must all abide by??? No.

It's wrong. It's twisted. It's debilitating. It's not fair and not needed. This country is one. Always will be and always shall be, and if anyone tries messing with that medicine of truth then woe betide you. There is no room for apartheid in new Zealand, full fucking stop. Simple as.



Ok, finally had a chance to listen to the full interview. Thanks to Rodney for an excellent interview, again allowing the guest to speak freely with minor prompting. Paul Moon came across very well and having also now read a small part of Maranga Mai, he was right to be academically outraged. I don't always agree with Prof Moon - his recent Herald piece seems to argue that Maori did not cede sovereignty and England never sought it.

Sir Apirana Ngata seemed pretty clear on this and how could Article 3 rights actually work if ALL citizens of New Zealand did not come under said sovereignty? Reality is that almost 200 years later, the Crown is sovereign and "Maori…


I see one of the promulgators of "The Doctrine of Discovery" in NZ has just been appointed Vice-Chancellor of The University of Otago.

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I used to be proud to have a connection, but no longer. The original Scots settlers would be alarmed at the crap that's spouted there these days.


It is well worth reading Prof. Moon's paper in full. It is a devastating critique of the way in which the Human Rights Commission uses an ideological position to advance its agenda. This agenda seems to be fully in line with the position of so called 'critical race theory' with its binary theme of victim and oppressor.

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