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RODNEY HIDE: On Pride Versus Humility

A reflection from Rodney - or perhaps a rumination - which provides a chuckle or two along with some sombre observations.

Listen here

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A question for Rodney... with your economics university professors and lecturers, did you ever observe this humility that you reference in your talk? I most certainly did not in my studies - in fact, looking back at my Uni days in the early seventies, the course was based on utterly false maxims, and arrogance, to the stage that the entire subject was little more than mythology purposely constructed to try to protect the greatest financial fraud ever committed in the history of our species. I then went on to spend the next 50 years operating within the real economy aboard the debt hamster wheel, and finding to my horror that I had to unlearn all of these falsehoods that I ha…

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Hey Colin It took me a long time to understand the game we are all playing, whether we are understanding it or not. Fortunately, I learned early on that working for someone else was spending my life to make them richer because employees have to produce more than they are paid. I also figured out that it was better to have something to offer that others needed and valued instead of just selling the hours, days and years of your life for peanuts. Also, one has to earn more than one spends and then invest some of what is saved so that it works for you.

The real shock was understanding that what we call money isn't real because some people can just create…

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Andy Espersen
Andy Espersen
21. März

The story goes that one Roman Emperor had a slave standing next to him as he was driving through an adoring crowd, whispering to him, "Remember you are mortal".

The old Greeks were forever aware of the dangers of "hubris" (q.v.). That is what Rodney Hide is here talking about - and how right he is.

We have the most cock-sure generation of politicians (and academics!) we have ever experienced in New Zealand. We need humble legislators. We need legislators like Rodney : humble, serene, doubting, thinking, philosophising legislators

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Very well said Rodney. Thank you. Pride is the soul mate of the ego and when the ego is in control everyone should watch out. Politicians, doctors, scientists take note.

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Rodney hide.

This from a tradesman, an industrial electrician that specializes in breakdown response, you've the thumbs up 👍 big time from me.

You never just use your hands, because the brain Is making those hands work the way you want them to.

Making flashings requires a great deal of knowledge of mathematics, of angles, and the fact you persevered and figured it out says a lot about you.

Good on you .

I've been in the trade for over 35 years now, and you NEVER stop learning and you never think that you know it all. Pride in one's work is normal amongst old school tradesman but kept to ourselves, because we know we've done the job right, …

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