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RODNEY HIDE: Referenda are for Divisive Issues

Take 5 minutes to listen to Rodney rarking up ACT's proposed referendum. And share it far and wide. He is right on the button.

Listen here

(For clarification, this is ACT's proposal:

ACT would bring a Treaty Principles Act to Parliament.

The Act would be short but decisive. It would define the Principles of the Treaty as:

- All citizens of New Zealand have the same political rights and duties

- All political authority comes from the people by democratic means including universal suffrage, regular and free elections with a secret ballot

- New Zealand is a multi-ethnic liberal democracy where discrimination based on ethnicity is illegal

After debate and passage by Parliament, New Zealanders would then have the final say via referendum.)

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The idea of principles has only come about since the rogue James Freeman version of the treaty was discovered. in my opinion, The Waitangi Tribunal was set up by statute and ought to be abolished That would be the first step to put the genie back in the bottle. Watch the Treatyists squeal then.


Revealing Poll Shows People See Te Tiriti O Waitangi [te reo maori version], As Partnership – New Zealand Human Rights Commission -

(KM - they do not like democracy let alone referenda)

The 23/11/23,press release is a panicky response to the incoming troika government.

Well, the release is BS. A deceitful and dishonourable con job.

He Puapua

Since its [initially-leaked] public release in 2018, the He Puapua report has become synonymous with co-governance, (KM - seen by many as divisive and separatist).

The He Puapua report’s co-author is Dr Claire Charters

She says education is pivotal if the rights within te Tiriti o Waitangi are to be realised for everyone in New Zealand.

The usual spiel - we are here…


And so it starts. ACT and David Seymour's treaty referendum policy gets its next thumping using the media reflection on a selected university professor to kick-back at democratic process. The woke professor who can make comments to oppose as they are so called "qualified". Its a common strategy the Ardern/Hipkins era used effectively, leading to voters thinking "I supposed that professor must be right as they are qualified".

Instead of expressing this opinion solely the media should balance the subject such as this as an example: Hence the perfect example of how media has lost impartiality by filtering out news to be only that which fits the narrative. Unless the next government perceives this trick it will fail dismally.


Kiwis need to grow a pair.

It's that simple.

Replying to

I think we need to also look more cerfully when we vote.


Thanks Rodney for your perceptiveness.

No choice but to stop the divisive Willie Jackon, Tamahere & ors. The Treaty provided for needs previously but Chiefs had to drop their claims to absolute rights and all come under the Crown law operable in NZ.

Smart warriors now are trying to earn status to take back NZ in whole, Already sufficient tricks of a treasonous or seditious natgure have been played.

The Referendum will confront this situation head on. There may be massive squawks but there will be more if the activists are not axed immediatey. Already land titles are jeopardy (Ihumatao) and health is being preferentially rationed to the Maori community with Nanaia Mahuta (High ranking Waikato) laughing at the control…

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