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Everyone can find something in here that pushes their buttons. The tension between libertarianism and social conservatism gets an airing. (The 'explosive' Seymour interview discussed is here if you want to make your own minds up.) And as usual Rodney shares some funny stories from his time in Parliament, and, further back, his student days. Who was it he remembers as the bravest person he came across? It wasn't Peter Dunne, student association leader at the time, protesting the price of sausage rolls in the canteen.

Listen to Rodney and Bob in conversation on Reality Check Radio here

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2 comentários

Rodney Hide
Rodney Hide
22 de mai.

Thank you. You too. Good words.


Aaron Shanahan
Aaron Shanahan
22 de mai.

I told you that you deal in common sense. You speak from the heart and just roll. Brilliant.

With that interview with Bob M, ( still can't get that last name right) you proved it.

You've a lot worth hearing rodney hide.

And it's a absolute pleasure to hear you again.

Blunt,,forthright, a truth teller, and not ashamed to be so.

There is plenty wrong now with new Zealand.

But it starts us first and foremost to knock the barstad into shape, get things going, because when the shit hits the revolving blades, we Need strong leadership, not platitudes and backdowns.

Ive been a tradesman for 32 years, and I've never seen this country so lacking in moral Fibre, spirit…

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