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Rodney Hides talks with Jonathan Ayling about free speech

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Both free speech rights and property rights belong legally to individuals, but their real function is social, to benefit vast numbers of people who do not themselves exercise these rights. Thomas Sowell

If people in the media cannot decide whether they are in the business of reporting news or manufacturing propaganda, it is all the more important that the public understand that difference, and choose their news sources accordingly. Thomas Sowell

Mistakes can be corrected by those who pay attention to facts but dogmatism will not be corrected by those who are wedded to a vision. Thomas Sowell

Those who cry out that the government should 'do something' never even ask for data on what has actually happened when the…


Well done these people who speak up for free speech. All we can really do is support them and sign all petitions and submissions where possible.

It's telling really that those who have lived and worked as aid workers in communist countries have views similar to Jonathans. We have two in our own family who have been humanitarian workers for a long period in China. They are surprisingly quite right- leaning politically.


I would bestow on Jonathan Ayling and his Free Speech Union; NEW ZEALANDS highest accolades for doing their best to promote democracy and free speech here in NZ. It's a tragedy that the Free Speech Union isn't able to publicize it's message in our government's censored newspapers even the bastions of free speech, that is; the universities of NZ

are trying to prevent him from speaking about the tyranny being imposed upon us by the Fairy God Child Cindy. With the Fairy God Child whisking round the world spreading her fairy dust hoping to pave the way for her new job at the UN [after her crushing defeat in 2023] I suggest we embark on a different tack. That is…


Guide for forthcoming Local Government October elections -

HuttCity Labour-endorsed candidates -

Campbell BARRY, Mayor

Daran PONTER, Greater Wellington Regional Council Chair

Keri BROWN, Wainuiomata ward

I am not sure if National or ACT-endorsed candidates will be standing or their positions on 3 Waters etc. But I expect they would be the same as their parties’ parliamentary policies. Their HO‘ will freely tell callers who their candidates are.

Replying to

Thank you! I urge all Huttcity intending voters and others elsewhere to read Councillor Chris Milne’s article. Very very interesting. The Labour candidate-endorsing practice would apply elsewhere.

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