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Rodney reflects on the parallel universe some journalists inhabit.

Listen here

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Give us a Fair Go BRO
Give us a Fair Go BRO
21 de out. de 2023

Thank you Rodney ,

The real crime is our tax payers money pays for this niche socialist / fascist publishing rubbish .

For many reasons the sooner our new parliament ends this ‘ Tova in bullshit land ‘ experience the sooner Tova can try for a job in the real world . A reality check that long overdue and would be an act of kindness


Aaron Shanahan
Aaron Shanahan
20 de out. de 2023

A great rant by Rodney hide.

But the last few lines resonated with me the most.

To not directly quote, but" I find myself looking at the news ( mistake one, don't) , and failing to begin to comprehend or even understand it" .

It's because you can't.

The reality gap between what is really happening in new Zealand , now known and understood by the majority versus the dish of cold sick dished up as readable and believable tripe should not have made anyone with even the smallest skerrit of a brain begin to question the inevitable result of the outcome of this election.

I could launch into epithets, call journalists like tova Obrien ( snort with laughter 😃…


You are so kind Rodney calling her clueless. Even a blind man saw this coming. I can't wait for the next govt to severely curtail media spending so these muppets can be out of a job, and have to try and find one in an economic climate that Hipkins describes as 'rosy'. They will soon find out they've been believing a bunch of lies, living in their parliamentray bubble. I can't wait for their reality check!


I guess we’ll have to wait a couple of weeks to find out if Tova’s analysis was correct and National won the election


19 de out. de 2023

She'll probably run with the fact that the latest Reid Research Pole shows last night - If Kiwis want a Referendum on the Treaty of Waitangi - A Majority of 32.2% said Yes - While 55.8% said NO - Unbelievable bullshit!

Something a bit of topic

My Son brought to me last night something he found on YOUTUBE ( Sorry I'm unable to share the link as I'm not subscribed) - If you search John Aldworth: Evidence of an earlier culture living in New Zealand is becoming more evident - Its a podcast - Definitely worth listening to

To you all - Have a lovely long weekend

Respondendo a

The majority has spoken, and while you may not agree with it, you do have to believe the results that the overwhelming majority don’t want it.

Something else a bit more off topic Also check out John Aldworth’s other book “Miracle in the Dark” ($39.99 from PaperPlus) where he discusses his stunning near-death out of body visit to a world beyond, and he reveals the truth about what happens after death that everybody needs to know.

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