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Taking the temperature on the Treaty

Last Thursday morning Nick Mills, NewstalkZB Wellington, attempted to have a discussion about the Treaty principles, ACT's bill and Ratana's political relevance. In his introduction he replayed snippets of David Seymour speaking to Tim Dower earlier that day. Mills' personal position is that the status quo is OK and he favours Luxon's approach of supporting the bill only to select committee.

In the hour from 9-10am the text and caller feedback mostly disagreed (apart from one caller who rang solely to criticise the host for his te reo pronunciation, and another who ran the familiar argument along the lines of 'How can homeless Maori be described as having greater advantage?')

You can listen to the entire hour by going to the link below and selecting 'Wellington', the date 25/1/24 and 9:00. The replays are in 15 minute segments but roll over automatically. Kudos to a fellow called Dean who articulated the problem admirably. If you only have time for his call, go to the 9:15 segment and fast forward to 12:30

Listen here

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