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TREMAIN: Chippy meets Xi

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Jun 30, 2023

another brilliant one, garrick!

but hey! chippy must have paid some attention at school as he does know about roman numerals ......... 🤣


C.J Hopkins , writing at ZH, summarises thus :

"The thing that was horrifying about listening to my colleagues reporting on the state of things in their countries — or, rather, the thing that should be horrifying but is becoming a mundane fact of life — is that more or less the same totalitarian program is being rolled out in countries throughout the world.

  • The censorship.

  • The official propaganda.

  • The criminalization of dissent.

  • The pathologization of dissent.

  • The manipulation of our perception of reality.

  • The coordinated transformation of the world into a smiley-faced neo-Orwellian police state in which politics no longer matters because society has been divided into two basic classes, i.e., “the normals,” who are prepared to mindlessly fo…


I gave up watching TV1 4 years ago but have been watching it for the past few weeks to see where they are at. The first half hour tonight, Tues, was all Maori with a couple of minutes Tongan overstayers. but it was Chippy's trip to China which opened my eyes. I wonder how many saw it. He was at WEF meeting!!! Certainly a wolf in sheeps clothing. No mention of the meeting before hand. I wonder if the cameras there were an embarrassment. So if Labour are re-elected then we have more of the Ardern stuff. What a nightmare.

Replying to

"will Luxon continue to deny the influence of Klaus Schwab and his globalists "

Luxon will deny anything in order to garner votes.


Hear Hear . Not remotely realistic. very simplistic


Steve Hall
Steve Hall
Jun 26, 2023

Great cartoon, Garrick. This aptly demonstrates how we are a cork on the ocean of world politics. The Maori Party has Chippy on a string, so I don't think The Chinese Communist Party is going to have too much trouble with him.

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