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A racist Race Relations Conciliator - only in New Zealand.


This fucked up circus is part of the new western world circus, as usual we are trailing behind, still plenty more side shows on offer tell the day the big tent burns down hopefully with all the clowns inside, including the national clowns.


UNRAVELLING CIRCUS indeed! The Min Fin, Pooh Bah, is straight out of the Mikado--an assistant cafe bookkeeper has been severely elevated to incompetency.

The PM runs to a foreign treason script of the WEF so has deceit as well as having the whip. Very loving.

Their major accomplishment is breaking down the Public Service who once managed NZed. Sycophants can love others for a price.

Can they survive another few months before they pass us over to Vaccinators?


Brilliant. How long before a woke makes a complaint about Garrick to the two Commissions Lets see if we truly have free speach.

Respondendo a

As Charlie Hebdo has been cleared of racism etc then our two clowns cannot claim "hate speech" even if they could define it --- which they can't because "hate" is a subjective value that differs from person to person.


11 de jan. de 2023

not just money that could be saved by closing down these two offices ...

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