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TREMAIN: Date with democracy

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justise xtra
justise xtra
Aug 16, 2023

Baa Baa Black Sheep have you any wool "yes sir, yes sir 3 bags 4. 1 for the Master, (Don Brash). 1 for the Dame (Jacinda Ardern) and 1 for the little boy down in the land (Aoteraroa).

If Labour Party had real depth and real Financial Incentitive to keep this Country out of the Red then they would know that the right thing to do is to give up and show that they would do the right thing, and stop the costs of Billboards and Grandstanding and give up the antics that Blackrock was their idea, when they know who can get Blackrock here. That is National.

Blackrock only shares smiles and charm as they would to a leftist…


A long read but very important.

Italy has left China’s Belt and Road Initiative – Luxon should consider why

Copied from website NZ Initiative Dr Oliver Hartwich author.

Accepting Chinese funding for infrastructure projects could put us at odds with our intelligence and security partners. Italy learned the hard way.

Opinion: In the world of politics, timing is everything. And sometimes, the timing of events can create a curious contrast that cries out for a closer look.

Such is the case with recent developments involving China’s Belt and Road Initiative, a global infrastructure project that has been controversial since its inception in 2013.

Last week, opposition leader Christopher Luxon said he would “absolutely” accept money from…


This debate has highlighted the difference between ACT and National as to how their leader and MP candidates were chosen.

For the first time I donated some money to ACT, a few months later I received a voting form detailing a short CV of the available leaders and MP candidates experience.

Nationals leader is chosen by the parties good-old-boys, Chardonnay wafflers hierarchy. And that's how we ended up with Luxon who months later and 9 weeks from election still hasn't presented a full list of intended repeals and policies.

I've never voted for ACT, my only hope now is that ACT gets more seats and displaces National as the major alternative to Labor, now and in the future.

Replying to

You are not alone. I also joined ACT and am helping with their campaign. I might not agree with all their policies but they are definitely people who understand and respect the principles of Democracy and equal rights, opportunitities and responsibilities for all citizens. We have tried expecting "the government" to make our decisions for us and regulate everything for too long. The failure of too much government authority and control ought to be obvious. The political celebrites and government employees we pay cannot protect nand provide for us as they pretend. We cannot afford to pay for the bribes they offer in return for our votes. Too much government authority, regulation and control of our lives is discouraging people and restricting their ability to do…


Remember 2017, vote for Winston to keep National honest...... How'd that work out?

This year it's vote for Winston to give National a backbone! Yeah right.

A vote for Winston is a vote for Winston, no one else.

He is not there for New Zealand and New Zealanders. He is there for baubles and to poke National in the eye and labour are well aware of that and will offer anything to stay in power.

There are some out there who claim Winston merely negotiates and Bill English refused to negotiate. Again, yeah right. Winston extorts benefits for Winston and so far thay have always been at our cost.

He's playing us again.,

A vote for Winston is a vote…

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