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TREMAIN: Govt energy saving tips

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@Bill Robertson

Given that

[1] Energy is in short supply

[2] The NZ steel coal burning will continue, burning - at Huntly instead of NZ Steel,

[3] As I am lead to understand, the coal used for melting steel is hotter and cleaner burning than that which is burnt at Huntly, and that said cleaner steel coal is of the coal type we have in NZ, where as Huntly coal is imported.

If I was Minister of Energy:

[1] I would immediately remove the EV subsidy. Economics 101 - which we learnt at high school: Tarriffs and Subsidies make everyone poorer, and it skews supply and demand.

[2] Work out road tax charges for EVs to recoup road use tax…


MISS PIGGY ( Megan Woods ) Would need a Fire Dept type dousing shower to get all the dirt off all those rolls of Telly Tubby Fat. She would have to be one of the dumbest MP Labour or any party could have Spending millions on pumping water up to a dam only to let flow back down again ie LAKE ONSLOW in the South Island. Just so they can have more power in the North Island Now they are giving millions to NZ Steel in a carbon deal while the same overseas owners are busy enlarging their Coal Burning furnaces in Australia. This Govt are 🥜🥜🥜ers


Aaron Shanahan
Aaron Shanahan
May 25, 2023

This is about the most pithy, pathetic and patronizing excuse to save energy I've ever heard recently. Come on.

What are we being taken for?

A bunch of halfwits that are unable to save on energy?

This utterance from labour is condescending and just illustrates the way they veiw us.

This is but another announcement not needed from spastic knee jerk central . Wow. Whats the latest? they've promised more power to an arc furnace to a company that would have never have invested in it but have and call it " the way forward "". All On my taxpayer funded bottom. Well done nz steel. And, pray, where is the extra 120 mw coming from Megan woods?

Jesus wept.…


The government caused the power shortage and want us to tighten our belts?? - typical socialist-Marxist behavior. The Helen Clark labor government caused our high power bills when they rejected the plan to give us the cheapest power in the southern hemisphere and insisted on the formation of the lines companies to clip the ticket.

And then the next bunch of socialists in the Key and Adern governments decided that windmills and Chinese solar panels would make up the shortfall which require enormous taxpayer subsidies - hows that working out for everyone - taxes gone up??? And what does the warranty on the batteries and panels look like my dears??

And then the morons shut down coal, gas and oil…


Wow this is a huge achievement for Labour and Greens! It took Helen Clarke a 3rd term before dictating how we should shower (and lost the election afterwards), but it only took an Ardern-Hipkins government 2 terms.

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