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TREMAIN: Leadership

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I've been critical of Luxon in the past and remain skeptical if his ability to confront the idiotic racist-Maori-everything that now afflicts NZ however, as others have pointed out, he's pulled off a convincing victory for the centre-right and now holds the levers of power along with the Act and Winston. The real PM (Winston) to his credit is having a blinder, roasting the fake Maori in parliament although I will forever hold him responsible for foisting Ardern onto us in 2016.

Luxon's tenure as CEO of Air NZ was characterized by his reputation as being a bit of a hard-arse mongrel believe it or not, so it could well be a case of 'keep your powder dry' and le…


Why is Luxon against putting an end to Maori activists making the treaty anything they want it to be? The intent of the treaty in 1840 by the British is not what Te Tiriti o Waitangi is re-inventing it to be now - why is this allowed? Why is it not of a concern to Luxon?


I do get this with luxon. Look, he is no doubt about it a good bloke, well intentioned, and when you take the abomination of the last government and compare his achievements with the help of two men very driven towards actually representing their constituents wishes , he has managed to balance that and pretty much deliver at least a glimmer of hope again.

Now I'm act. Through and through, but , jeepers give the fella a bit of space. And don't you panic mr. Mannering, his business partners? Not suck up I'll suck dick sycophants way.

They'll quickly school him up and he'll learn. He's an apprentice in politics, but shows promise.

Now this is where I part…


Jan 09

Luxon strikes me as a ‘leader’ that’s uncertain of his party’s following. Why try and appease folk that will never in a million years lend you their vote. He’s not so much sitting on the fence but trying to stand on the fence when he’s prepared to risk his core following by appeasement to the left and elite. Next time he bothers to be interviewed, he should take a leaf out of his CEO manual and kindly remind the interviewer that the detail being requested should be directed to the Minister. The Chairman’s job is to keep the train on its tracks, not oil the wheels of the locomotive.


We live in a CBG culture (Criticism. Blame and Grievance), promoted by our media because that's what sells. Labour has hardly anyone left to criticise so that means Luxon gets all the CBG. He's been in politics for three years and in that time has brought unity to a quarrelling National Party. He has led them to victory in the 2023 election. He has joined National, NZ First and Act together in a workable coalition. That's a good start!

Now we have loud voices saying that the maorification issue must be quickly headlined and settled. The reality is that this needs time and a practical discussion which has yet to take place at a level involving the country at large.

Replying to

Well said Michael but Time is of the essence.3 years goes very quickly. NZ1ST and ACT or more to the point They are not touching the Treaty but They have to get rid of the Treaty Tribunal Great Gravy train Robbers.Distorting History obtaining money by fraudulently changing the Treaty. Get rid of all Maorification which is just wasting Taxpayer money Duplicity in all things absolutely wrong. They are no more entitled than the rest of us. We all arrived here from oversees. No one more entitled than the others..

$28 billion for kapahaka no no no let Maori IWI and their billions fund it. Say no enough is enough..

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