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TREMAIN: Promises

Garrick Tremain's website

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Former Local Government Minister Mahuta and her woke companion above look like violent revolutionaries.

NZ’s Huge “Revolutionary Changes in the Country - Public is not aware.” Claudia Orange.

This is what Dame Claudia Orange told the NZ Herald’s Audrey Young:

“I think the general public is not aware that we are going through huge revolutionary changes in the country and, in fact, we have taken that such a long way, there is no going back”.

Chris Trotter’s rebuttal -

“…my understanding of revolutionary change is that it does not, and cannot, take place without the “general public” being aware.

The active participation of the people in replacing a regime that has, in their eyes, lost all political legitimacy, is pretty…

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The GINGER KID “CHIPPY” Has been put up as PM To Whitewash Over The Stuff ups made by Cinderella Fang Face MAHUTA the LOOTER and the other Brainless🧠🧠🥜🥜🥦🥬🥬🙈💩💩 Shit for brains MORONS Calling themselves the LABOUR PARTY. We just have to make sure they and the BROWN MORONS Dont get enough seats to Ruin the country any further

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My favorite Tremain cartoon, even more relevant today

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@Al Bourne

From that link:

It concerns me that the narrative around Waitangi Day assumes that Te Tiriti was our tupuna’s first and only effort to resist colonisation. It wasn’t. Like many indigenous peoples, we had traversed the world long before others arrived at our shores. We were voyagers, international traders and the last indigenous nation to be colonised by the British Empire.

[1] The Treaty of Waitangi was not their grandfathers effort at all to resist colonisation. It was seen by Maori elders at the time, not as something to resist, but to embrace, so that it could put an end to the fighting among tribes that all arrived here as colonists as different time periods. And to pu…

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The Treaty was requested by Maori to stop the Tribes fighting themselves into distinction. "EXTINCTION" is the correct word.

The signing of the treaty achieved its purpose and now is an obsolete document.

On the contrary it is one of many founding documents of NZ democracy. You don't throw out a law or founding document just because one party is not keeping to it. What would you replace it with? Tyranny? Civil war? Turn the clock back to the 1800's and re-enact history and wipe out all the Maoris the same way they wiped out the Moriori?

On that principle, should we dissolve the NZ Crimes Act because RAM Raiders and gangs no longer comply with it, or because…

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