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TREMAIN: Take-off

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"Frustrated conservationists say DOC is making ocean protection impossible, after iwi stall fourth sanctuary".

Greedy elite iwi arguing again about who gets what is another vision of NZ’s future under the tribal rule, perhaps applying from 2040?

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National has promised to crack down on sentencing criminal scum -

Labour's Kiri Allan, Justice minister, said it was easy for National to “throw banter around” but increasing incarceration was expensive – a 20% increase of the 8376-strong prison population, at $193,000 a head per annum, could cost the Government $300 million a year”.

Could, not would.

Another vapid utterance from the oracle. The “wide-girl” ministerial speculation is fatuous.


The 2017 Labour coalition spent an unaccounted $640 million from the Provincial Growth Fund during the pandemic, where? On what? Well, there is a political wind trying to pass the buck to officials to explain.

The trouble is, the Auditor-General laments a lack of records, relying upon hearsay in an…

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Brian Mearns
Brian Mearns
25 jun 2023

Please Luxon....get into bed with the sensible ACT policy and start declaring it!!!!

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Trevor Hughes
Trevor Hughes
23 jun 2023

Luxon has to go and quickly if this atrocious government is to be removed. Accepting a donation from the CCP shows an abysmal lack of judgment. The man is a fool.

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Contestando a

Who would replace him at this late stage?

2IC Willis has the financial smarts, but has she the political skills?

Apart from a risky acceptance of a CCP-linked newspaper donation, Mr Luxon has had a charisma bypass. And is bald.

The donation vv NZ’s geopolitical concerns -

Former PM John Key had a good relationship with the general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party and chairman of the Central Military Commission, paramount leader of China.

Key still receives Xmas cards from Xi Jinping. Personal relationships between leaders are important.

Presently, we are unduly dependent trade-wise on China, but this has to be balanced with increasing pressure from the US to get in line defence-wise.

The US and Australia seem to…

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You get what you focus on. One criticism I have with National is that their message is confused, and arguments often camouflaged in obfuscation. The difference between being nervous and being excited is preparation. Right now, I'm nervous because if National has prepared well, they're keeping it well hidden.

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