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Henry Hobson
Henry Hobson
Dec 23, 2023

Thank you Garrick for the cartoon. I like this site as it is great to hear different viewpoints. Let us hope it stays with us for a long time. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, and a Bright and Happy New year.


Microtransactions make sense. 10 cents per view, recompenses Mr Tremain for his efforts. Brings more traffic. If your too stingy for 10c then wait a year.


Can hardly wait to see the cartoons lampooning the 3 coalition leaders. No end to the material there

Replying to

Just check out the NZ Herald and Sharon Murdoch on the $tuff platforms. They've been doing this for the last few years.

The Murdoch ones tend to have a half a novella describing what is being mocked.


The GG still says he does not know why Labour lost the election. Yeah right.

[1] If his statement was true, that he does not know, he is completely tone deaf, and shouldn't be in politics.

[2] But he should know, and is not about to say. And while his campaign was crap, consistently focused on attacking National, ACT, and NZ First, it was the last 6 years, and his participation in it, that lost Labour the election.

However he is in denial about most of it, having convinced himself he didn't do anything wrong.

[3] If Hipkins was to be completely transparent, and state the real reasons for Labour losing the election, he would have to do if…

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Great to see you back Garrick. Missed You !

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