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TREMAIN: The pig

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20 avr. 2023

If maori want to own the water then they must own the reponsability of the damage it does to roads, orchards bridges etc.

But how will they pay for or repair the damage ?

Tommy G.


Nice, I'm loving watching this 7 waters disaster unfold, it's extremely entertaining watching this obvious PR spin train crashing in really time. The spin is so transparent I feel like I can read the state of panic of the room that it was spun in. Keep it up Labour!


Outgoing Labour government‘s Kieran McAnulty glibly implies TOW overrides democracy.

Really? He sounds like a snake oil peddler to me. The effrontery! An impertinent slur on voters he obviously thinks are stupid.

We know the time-tested value of democracy. Widespread woke dimwits and tribal elites think otherwise.

In October, we voters must show them the error of their ways and views.

Meek majority acquiescence eventually means tribal rule by a 17% ethnic minority in a multicultural society.

A grim future? Yes, if people stay. Tribal elites and others would be quite happy those disagreeing with Labour’s stance buggered off.

The following is a 17/4/23 Newstalk ZB report -

“National is raising red flags about a cabinet minister's comments about democracy.


I am starting to wonder if owning all the water in NZ isnt a bit over rated. How much water do you need to own ? Dont you really just need enough to have your needs met ? I wouldnt really care if someone owned the other billion tons of fresh water in NZ, so long as I get enough to use. Luxton could tell Maori they can own the water, so long as NZers get enough to use. I am sure that would appeal to Iwi. Owning all the water is rather abstract, as it keeps falling out of the sky, and running out to sea, so owning it all is problematic. I am thinking of creative w…

En réponse à

Iwi are concerned.


16 avr. 2023

Actually I think pigs have a bigger brain than any of this bunch of tossers........they are definitely smarter!!!

Hipkins you are dreaming if you think you can pull that one.....

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