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TREMAIN: Thursday's cartoon

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It's called playing a straight bat. The PM is, unlike his two hopeless predecessors, a corporate. He has not spent his adulthood inside the political cocoon. He manages risk and seeks the best long-term outcome. Often, it's a lot like herding cats. I'm happy to give him time. It ain't the easiest walk in the park.

Although he is consistent in saying that he won't support the Principles bill past the first reading, I regard that as a mistake. It would be more prudent, and democratic, to have said that he would assess the position after the people have spoken through the select committee process.

(Having said that, I have appeared before several such committees to share my wisdom and…


Aaron. You are one of the most foul mouthed arrogant and ignorant pricks I have had the misfortune to encounter.

Its people like you that bring free speech into disrepute.

I realise you will wear that description as a badge of honour so I see no reason to engage with you again.

I recommend anger management lessons since you clearly failed drama school already.

Jones boy, I've no excuse. I'm a fiery fella with a lot of passion but I know I was in the wrong responding to you like I did.

I write unreservedly to apologize.

My comments were Out of place and at a personal level which I knew overstepped the mark of common decency.

For that I…


It didn't take long for Luxon to show his true colours did it? The National Party hierarchy chose him so they knew better than anyone that he's a Green WOKEster, there to collect his knighthood and confirmed membership of the boot licker vanity league. Its up to the other coalition members to do something about it. The voters are watching! p.s. Ive just read Luxons newsletter listing accomplishments during the 1st 100 day period finishing in a few weeks - very good, I'm sure we all appreciate it. Now what have you chaps got planned for the 2nd hundred days, or is that it and back to Ballamies food and booze mode?


Tremain persists in throwing around meaningless labels which is probably his way of avoiding having to think too deeply about the issues, He adds nothing to the conversation as a result.

If you want to know what's actually going on I suggest you read the speech Nicola Willis made yesterday to the NZ Economic Forum, You will find it at:

I realise a speech by a Government Minister is not a message that will be welcomed by many of the subscribers to this platform, but it will at least put some context around what is happening in the real world. And that"s got to be good for followers of both the Left and Right if they are at all…

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So, one really did fly over the cuckoo nest.


Brains 25 cents.


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Does he prefer marmite?

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