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VERITY BLADE: The mess at Massey

How much longer must the mess at Massey go on? Last week’s debacle with online supervision of exams is the latest in a never-ending sequence of missteps: mistakes that have shredded the university’s standing amongst its stakeholders to a degree that a restored reputation may be a long way away.

Over the past few years, Massey has embraced ideological positions that have failed to register both within and outside its three campuses. Speaking of the three campuses, it is an open question as to how long the satellite operations in Wellington and Auckland can survive.

In Auckland, three main buildings historically used as office and teaching spaces are to be repurposed, although it is not yet clear how they will be used. That leaves room for a much smaller operation than has been the case until recently. In Wellington, a campus arguably established for status reasons is diminished to the point where its operations could conceivably be transferred entirely online or partially, at least, to Palmerston North.

Overseeing all this is a leadership which has relentlessly pursued centralisation to the “Palmy” campus along with a massive push to online delivery – and to outsourcing of everything from fleet cars to online supervision of exams (though exams as such are increasingly frowned upon). This week’s software problem with online exam “proctoring” demonstrates the weakness of relying on others to handle core business.

Massey’s bosses have hitched themselves to a strategy of off-shoring, too, by forging a relationship with a Singapore in-country higher education provider. International teaching arrangements are not new – but this looks like betting the house in a bigger way than previous offshore connections. The idea is that Singapore-based students, both from the island nation and from around the region, will take Massey courses without having to go through all the visa and other hoops required to move for a while to New Zealand.

Yet Singapore is home to some world class universities of its own. Notwithstanding the undoubted cachet of an international degree, can Massey, with all its present turbulence, cut it with better resourced players? That remains an open question, and one which will take time to answer. Meanwhile, domestic students and other stakeholders will have to contend with the mutability of Massey’s present dilemmas – to which there seems no end.

Verity Blade is a pseudonym

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Jan Thomas is the biggest disaster any NZ university has seen. An ideologue, she has degraded the reputation of the university to a point where the only faculty with any credibility is Veterinary Science. She has gutted the science faculty whose high quality staff have had to decamp to Australia and replaced them with staff whose degrees have no international credibility at all. But they’re Left and Woke and speak the Reo. The day she banned Dr Brash from the campus says it all - never debate an issue but block your ears to any ideas you don’t agree with and never, ever imagine that your students might be able to open their minds. Come to think of it,…


The Aussie woman Jan Thomas and Michael Ahie as Vice Chancellor and Chancellor respectively set about “ Arderning” the once proud institution into uselessness in double quick time. It is a very sad set of circumstances indeed.


The Left ruins everything. Never back tracks. Never apologizes. Never embarrassed.


It seems to go with the latest education/political philosophy : " IT WASN'T ME , NOT MY JOB ; WE CONTRACTED OUT THE PROJECT, I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH ITS FAILURE OR BUDGET OVERRUN " Try the opposition they seem to know a lot .


Massey University's problems can be put down to one person, the VC Jan Thomas. Since becoming the 6th VC of this once proud and thriving institution she has steadily and ruthlessly run the place into the ground.

One of the worst Aussie imports ever to grace this country's shores I would argue she's done more damage in the 7 seven years she's been here than any of the 501 deportees, even those who've joined gangs and committed crimes.

A big red flag for me was her banning of Don Brash speaking at the Palmerston north campus in 2018, the first real blatant piece of cancel culture I'd seen in NZ up to that point.

It was revealed later that she'd…

Jun 16
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This is the Nub of the problem.......we've got a whole bunch of these very partial immature "indoctrinalionalists" not educationalists running much of the system and the same applies in the courts it's a very dark time in this country........the days of common-sense seem to have passed.....

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