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Aug 17, 2022
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The Stuff Circuit documentary Fire and Fury is officialdom's latest propaganda effort, clearly designed to further fuel fear and divisions within NZ society: It appears to be an embarrassing effort by Circuit to turn the tide of public opinion, one that should only inspire praise and admiration for the people who have climbed out of their fear and spoke out against this tyrannical government. Stuff's failed propaganda tool challenged the right of the people to dissent, yet never once mentioned that the government had repeatedly refused to listen to the grievances of the people they were elected to serve. Instead, the production comes across as a "witch hunt" to threaten those who dare speak out or join movements. The core problem that was conveniently sidestepped in this expensive fiasco was the unwillingness of this authoritarian regime to engage in dialogue with we-the-people about what were (and are) perceived as “life and death” issues. "Safe and effective" has been unequivocally proven to be a lie, and the anger that was building in the country over lockdowns, mandates adverse events and untimely deaths was expressed by the brave ones that went to Freedom Camp. As one protester said, the camp was peaceful for 23 days and on day 24 there was “another element” introduced that became violent. Many believe that was the last of a series of assaults on the Wellington protesters, which started with Speaker Mallard’s foolish pranks, continued with LRAD being used on the crowd from the Beehive, and ended with hooded “plants” in the crowd to create mayhem. The selection of swamp creatures chosen to represent the establishment viewpoint in the doco—a very creepy head of the intelligence service, a totally mind-controlled head of their office of misinformation, a woke law professor and the leftie author of a book about fake news—all displayed an obvious "party line" bias toward supporting and defending our present totalitarian state. The interviewer seemed genuinely puzzled about why there was such antagonism toward the mainstream media. Ali, one of the protesters, gave a credible answer, but the lesser-known fact is that the MSM had been captured by a reported $55 million government bribe to stick to the official narrative exclusively, whilst ignoring the real threats to democracy from both within and without that continue to be glaringly apparent (and were reported in the doco as "fake news"). Voices For Freedom ranks high among the government's "disinformation dozen", not least for interviewing the likes of RFK Jr. (described as "...a niche expert in something nobody cared about"), Robert Malone, Peter McCuolloch and others who have undermined the official narrative and spoken eloquently about the dangers associated with the injection and the need to respect freedom of choice. I was pleased to hear VFF's response to Fire and Fury, which was to thank Stuff's Circuit for boosting their membership by 400%. We are being gamed and gaslighted, and we know it. Jacinda knows that we know, and probably also knows that one day she will be facing consequences. The doco appears to have been an overt threat by Labourite bureaucrats to quell the voices and stifle the movement, but it seems to be having the opposite effect. Finally, the NZ Common Law Assemblies (NZCLA) segment (begins at 32:02) with the narrator's comment that "...the sovereign citizens common law movement, with those like Carlene Hineora that believe that NZ is a corporation, (which, of course, it is!) and its laws are illegitimate", then puts the spotlight on the Sheriff role...with the intent of making it look like Wild West rough justice. This was followed with a comment by the dis-info tzaritza, " now have the threat and the way in which it will be enacted." This clearly shows how desperate they are to manufacture perception of a crime in the making by extremist radicals who want to put the government on trial. In reality, NZCLA is the progression, not the resistance. The movement is not focused on attacking the government or its policies, but on peacefully forming a network of local groups for the common purpose of strengthening and protecting our communities under Common Law, according to the fundamental principles of “do no harm, commit no foul, cause no loss”. Common law assemblies around the country are for community support, growth and security, and to protect the rights that this sitting government has been stripping away, arguably without a mandate from the people. If the government perceives this as a threat to their abuse of power, they are probably right, because there's a limit to how much a tolerant, peace-loving people will accept before they turn on their oppressors.


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