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Sep 19, 2022
In General Discussion
Hi this is my first post so here goes. With regards to the 3 Waters Asset Grab it make no sence at all to link some places with others. How an earth are 4 entities going to look after the whole of New Zealand? I live in Nelson and am strongly opposed to being linked with other parts of New Zealand that haven't spent ratepayers money over the years to upgrade the infrastructure needed to ensure safe drinking water, wastewater etc. At present as some of you maybe aware that Nelson/Tasman is building a dam at great cost to ratepayers. The budget has blown out a time or two and with some government funding and the rest either loans and ratepayers money. The councils here have spent money as its needed to so why an earth should we as ratepayers have to hand over our multimillion dollars of assets to the 3Waters people and in return recieved a pittance of their real worth. I say no no no. Bugger off and leave our assets alone. T


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