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Hi, I'm a pragmatist and can spot trends that sometimes really disturb me. Way back in early 2020 when the WuFlu became known as a global pandemic there were a bunch of things that really didn't add up. I'm someone that doesn't believe in coincidence or conspiracy... in my opinion, people are opportunists who like to hop on band wagons to feel a part of something bigger than themselves.

After a bit of study I was satisfied WuFlu was just another Climate Cooling/Warming/Change (you decide) band wagon, and by 2021 it had been utilised by a bunch of grifters (aka politicians) to condition people into getting used to greater control and loss of freedom.

As an outlier, it occurred to me there are people among us that are are infected with something I determined as useful idiot syndrome. My offical name for it became UIS-21 in keeping with the modern trend of Covid-19. UIS-21 syndrome is capable of destroying nations and cultures when around 33% of the population become infected. It's so much more deadly than Covid-19 I had to detail it in a book in a way that would appeal to many - understanding this insidious syndrome is key to breaking free from the grifters who benefit from it.

UIS-21 the destroyer of nations is available on Apple Books and soon to be on Amazon,

James G Cooke

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