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Been to the Privy Council twice, given evidence to parliament, drove from India to London with the late Sir Peter Tapsell, entrepreneur, started work life as a chef, founding angel investor of Indycar legend Scott Dixon, married 38 years, devoted father, now living in Perth.

My concerns: New Zealand stands on the brink of civil conflict.

The nation we once knew has already gone. The revelation of Maori activist plans in recent months has left me in a state of silence for several reasons. Primarily, my trust in the Crown, government, and judiciary was completely destroyed in the Matakana Island litigation due to their utter lack of accountability and corrupt practices, which you can see by reading the court decisions in the Arklow/Ngai Te Rangi iwi case. So as much as I deplore iwi elite corruption, their self-interested actions and disregard for fiduciary standards mirror the traits of those subscribing to Westminster-based democracy. Secondly, the widespread apathy and woke policy support among most government ministers since the 1980s, including members of the judiciary, including legal practitioners like Gary Judd, David Baragwanth, Jim Evans, John Henry, Geoffrey Palmer, Christopher Finlayson, David Parker, Doug Graham, Sian Elias, Helen Winkelmann, [the late] Paul East, Thomas Gault, Robin Cooke, and Ivor Richardson, the Law Commision, the Ministry of Justice, and Kiwi media, engender little empathy. Their actions have fueled and encouraged the very division and discord that many warned would inevitably unfold. All of this could have been averted by those in power upholding the rules, but they just couldn't help themselves.

Christopher Wingate


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